VET TRAIN is an ITC training and employment program dedicated for United States military veterans who've been honorably discharged from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, including the Reserves and the National Guard.

Vet Train

The US Department of Labor (DOL) estimates that the military discharges 160,000 active service members and 110,000 Reserve and National Guard members annually. Statistically, about 32,000 of those veterans will join the ranks each year, with nearly one million veterans who are unemployed.  For young, male veterans (18-24), one out of every three is looking for work, almost double the unemployment rate of their non-veteran peers. The DOL reports that jobs related to broadcasting and telecommunication are high demand occupations. The Veterans Administration offers retraining assistance to encourage entry into these fields.

Vet Train

VET TRAIN’s vision is clear: Give back to our veterans and their families through meaningful training and employment opportunities at all levels within ITC: management, staff and technical. We believe we have a corporate responsibility to train and hire veterans. Veterans deserves all the support after risking their lives fighting for our country and defending our freedom. They shouldn’t have to fight for a job.

Our concept is simple: The telecommunication industry needs a reliable pipeline of talent and our military veterans deserve good paying careers after completing active duty. Military veterans possess the diversity and geographic flexibility we seek to build a strong global organization. In addition, veterans display attributes which we value integrity, discipline, leadership, focus and teamwork. Military veterans possess mechanical aptitude and a wealth of intangibles, such as creativity and proven performance under pressure.  In other words, they are indispensable.


With your support, VET TRAIN is prepared to fill hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs within ITC. This presents tremendous opportunity for hiring managers across ITC to give back to our country’s finest.

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